Baptism at Bull Run. The Battle of First Bull Run. July 21, 1861.

Official Baptism at Bull Run Ladder Tournament

The Baptism at Bull Run (BaBR) ladder tournament is a play-by-email (PBEM) event, which allows participants to play each other in order to become ranked in BaBR. Each round of a ladder lasts a few months (usually 3 or 4), and participants may join (or exit) the ladder between rounds as they choose. The seeding for a round of the ladder tournament is based on the match outcomes played during the previous round (with new participants entering the ladder "at the bottom"). Ladder participants usually play Baptism at Bull Run remotely via CyberBoard. Winners of ladder matches raise their standing on the ladder, while their opponents' standings fall.

Once players have signed up to participate, they are assigned match opponents (partners) when the ladder begins. Match partners are required to contact each other in order to begin the morale bidding process as per the ladder rules; namely, the lower ranked player of each match pair (that is, the player with the even-numbered rank) offers the initial bid. After bids have been finalized for the round's matches, the various match partners will receive the files necessary to play their respective games.

The complete rules for the ranked ladder tournament may be reviewed here.


All ladder participants' standings may be reviewed here.


All participants, whether new or veteran, are welcome. Registrants may participate in the ladder tournament by sending an e-mail message, including name, time zone, & e-mail address (if different from the sending e-mail address), to:     (Click the hyperlink to reveal the e-mail address.)


Please note that no guarantee can be made to find opponents for late registrants if ladder matches have already been filled.





Event Start Date End Date
Ladder Tournament: Round 7 Mar. 7, 2011 Jun. 17, 2011
Ladder Tournament: Round 6 Oct. 25, 2010 Feb. 25, 2011
Ladder Tournament: Round 5 May. 24, 2010 Sep. 3, 2010
Ladder Tournament: Round 4 Dec. 7, 2009 Apr. 9, 2010
Ladder Tournament: Round 3 Jun. 1, 2009 Oct. 9, 2009
Ladder Tournament: Round 2 Jan. 26, 2009 May 1, 2009
Ladder Tournament: Round 1 Oct. 13, 2008 Jan. 18, 2009
Kick-off Event Aug. 4, 2008 Sep. 30 2008

† Tentative date.


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For questions and/or feedback, please send e-mail to:     (Click the hyperlink to reveal the e-mail address.)

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Pencil & Wash Drawing: "Colonel Burnside's brigade, First and Second Rhode Island, and Seventy-first New York regiments, with their artillery, attacking the rebel batteries at Bull Run.", by Alfred R. Waud (1861).