Baptism at Bull Run. The Battle of First Bull Run. July 21, 1861.

Official Baptism at Bull Run Kick-off Event

The official Baptism at Bull Run (BaBR) Kick-off Event, held during August & September 2008 was a success!

Each participant of the BaBR Kick-off Event was partnered with an opponent to play an introductory or learning game of Baptism at Bull Run. All games played during the kick-off event were played remotely via CyberBoard and were a series of friendly matches only (i.e., no scores or rankings were recorded following the conclusion of these introductory games). Once match partners were paired up, they choose sides: either the Union or the Confederacy. All introductory games were played using the standard rules of the game—no optional rules—in a manner and speed of the match players' choosing.

The match assignments for the official Baptism at Bull Run (BaBR) Kick-off Event, which began on Monday, August 4, 2008, were as follows:

Match Union Confederate
A Greg Kniaz László Á. Koller
B Rich Wright Forest Cole
C Paul Schwartz Andy Osterlund
D Scott Henshaw Barry Roy
E Mike Pacheco Will Green
F Marshall Pelot Kevin Warrender
G G. Haggerty Jeff Dieterle
H Steven Pleva Brian R. Mullin
I G. Haggerty J. R. Jarvinen


A number of follow-up games were played after the initial matches were completed by the participants.


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Pencil & Wash Drawing: "Colonel Burnside's brigade, First and Second Rhode Island, and Seventy-first New York regiments, with their artillery, attacking the rebel batteries at Bull Run.", by Alfred R. Waud (1861).